Nursery World articles

Listen Up! Listening to 4 and 14 year olds: in challenge of readiness: current research into language and learning 1-14th November 2011

Breaking the Cycle: disadvantage in deprived communities in Wales May 26th 2005

All About series: Children's Learning: developmental research into language and learning January 2005

Play Away! what is really meant by learning through play? June 13th 2002

It takes time: listening to four year olds talk about their childhood  June 10th 1999

Hidden Treasure: Treasure Baskets July 11th 1996

A whole new world: Heuristic Play July 18th  1996

Miscellaneous journals and books

Time to Listen: Time to Hear, Hampshire Early Years Journal 2011

Part One: Report of Movement Play Project, Camden LEA, 2010-2011

NESTA Sea Sense Project, National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth, Report One, December 2005

I want to listen to the children but I need help: introducing Ms. Frazzle to networks of knowledge, information and support Co-ordinate - National Early Years Network Journal, Issue 83,  Winter 2001/2002

On an education for being: the need for a human and holistic approach in early years education Sightlines Initiative, REFOCUS Journal, Issue 9, Autumn 2000

A New Millennium Without Deficit? A researcher challenge of deficit language theories, Vol.20, Issue 7, Spring 2000

Don't get trapped in a tick box!  how to satisfy OFSTED and still treat children as individual learners.

Co-ordinate - National Early Years Network Journal, Issue 75, January 2000

Listening to Four Year Olds: how they can help us to plan their education and care, book published by the National Early Years Network, 1999 now with the National Children's Bureau

The Work of OFSTED, Education and Employment Select Committee, House of Commons, Fourth Report, Appendix 74, page 265 The Inspection of Early Years Settings, June 1999

The Van Leer Poster Competition, Our New Millennium Dream by children of the South Hams, Devon, published in Co-ordinate – National Early Years Network, Winter 1999

How to pass inspections and influence OFSTED  Co-ordinate - National Early Years Network Journal, Issue 74, November 1999

A Study of Teachers Theorising from Experience: Oral Language in the Early Years University of Exeter, unpublished PhD thesis, May 1998

Dreaming of Tomorrow Co-ordinate - National Early Years Journal, Issue 67,September 1998

Empowerment and Autonomy from Babyhood: the perspective of early years research, Children in Charge series, Professor Mary John (ed.) volume 1, 1996, Jessica Kingsley.

Are your little Humpty Dumpties floating or sinking? What sense to children of four make of the reception class at school?  TACTYC Early Years Journal vol.10,No.2, Spring 1990

Collaborative writing

Prof. Martin Hughes & Jacqui Cousins 1990, Teachers perceptions of children's language, in D.Wray (ed.)  Emerging Partnerships in Language and Literacy. Multilingual Matters Pubs.

Prof. Martin Hughes & Jacqui Cousins 1988, The roots of oracy: early language at home and at school in M.McLure, T. Phillips and A. Wilkinson (eds.) Oracy Matters, Open University Pubs.