Conference Keynote Presentations and Workshops in Britain & Europe


Begin at the beginning: bumps and babies as learners

Relationships: the key to harmonious learning relations

Parents as first educators?

Empowerment and Autonomy from Babyhood

Born to be and belong as me

Born to be and belong as learners


Time for transitions

Time to Listen: Time to hear children aged four

Active Listening: tune into shy talkers

Listening to Four Year Olds: tune in to what they tell us

Time's as long as it takes!  Take time to talk: time to listen and time to be

Travellers Tales: cultural influences on development and learning

Guiding young children's holistic development and early learning

Helping our children to become readers: Devon LEA for parents and teachers

Natural conversations: an analysis of two threads of children's thinking

Challenging children or square pegs in round holes?


Family Education - a creative approach to parenting (away with the fairies and dream on!)

Earth walks: enjoy and learn out of doors (Urban and Rural Children's Play Council)

Earth experiences indoors: Treasure Chests, Play in a tray and  Display on a Shoestring

Networks of support, information and knowledge for families and teachers

Action research for all: bring about change

Time to Listen: Time to hear young people aged 14

Oracy as a strong bridge to literacy: talking to become confident readers

Oral language or TALK as a tool for deep thinking

Discussion and debate through stories: a philosophical approach

Discussion and debate through real life experiences of change

Personal experience as a creative starting point for our theories of learning

A biographical approach to learn about  self and others

Biographical writing as a tool for healing, empathy and learning

Rosie's Wishes: and Sharing Memories with our Elders. Help the Aged Projects.